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Casemaker HGL 924

Casemaker HGL 924

Quick-Set bottom printing flexo folder mounted over a pit for job set-up on the run and all servo motor drive for precise registration.

Revolutionary all servo high precision feeder with full control over feed stroke.

Sheet cleaning device with ionizing bar, brushes and vacuum.

Side guides are motorised and positioned automatically.

Operator-side squaring with pneumatic jogger.

Calibrating squares with positioning and sheet passage gauge, motorised and controlled by encoder.

The  horizontal and vertical positioning of the backstop are motorised and positioned automatically.

Unit fitted on wheels sliding on tracks and hooked to the fixed structure, for easy maintenance.

Units mounted over a pit for easy access and preparation of orders with the machine running.

Direct drive motorisation for all unit shafts.

Changing of the printing plates while running is facilitated by the printing module lowering on a to an easily accessible height for the operator.

Raising and lowering of the printing module is done via a servo motor and precision ballscrew system.

The Board transport system is via a set of servo driven shafts with ceramic coated wheels, dual suction fans, controlled by inverter, the suction can be zoned according to the width of the board.

Exclusive “air loop” filtering system for intake air flow management. By recirculating the air within the flexo press we greatly reduce the amount of dust introduced and also decrease the amount of energy required.

Inking system of your choice:

  • ceramic anilox roller + chamber with doctor blades
  • rubber roll + anilox roller

Option of a dual anilox roll print station for the ability to equip one anilox for High Graphics and another for regular print. This eliminates the need for anilox roll change based on work mix.

Standard thickness of printing plate is: 5.75 mm (including double-sided tape and support mylar). Custom thicknesses available on request.

Dual Matthews quick-lock plate tensioning system.

Printing Plate  cylinder has a lateral adjustment of +/- 10mm.

Printing register tolearance between first and fifth print unit is +/- 0.3 mm.

Ink supply is with a peristaltic pump and recovery with diaphragm pump.

Print units are equipped with an integrated washing system with automatic dosing of detergent.

Machine is equipped dryer ready and can be supplied with IR or Hot Air drying or retrofitted at a later stage.

Unit installed on wheels and tracks for opening during maintenance.

Dual shaft slotting unit with creasing and pre-creasing shafts

Positioning of all heads is motorised and set automatically.

Adjustment of all gaps, motorised and set automatically.

Polyurethane creasing anvils for well-defined creases.

4-blade device for improved cutting of the glue lap.

Integrated trim ejection belt.

Unit installed on wheels and tracks for opening during maintenance.

Direct Servo drive of all unit shafts:

  • Vacuum transport section with ceramic wheels
  • Die cutting cylinder
  • Anvil cylinder

Height of cutting rule: 25.4mm.

Die cylinder has a lateral adjustment of +/- 10mm.

Die cylinder with customised hole pattern and the option of Serrapid or Posilock quick-lock systems upon request.

Oscillating die anvil cylinder with segmented anvil blankets.

Integrated vacuum board transport  section for precise delivery of the sheets to the die nip.

Automatic anvil micro-grinding system controlled by servo motor.

Integrated trim ejection belt.

Folding section is designed for an adjustable but constant gap between the lower vacuum belt and upper no crush wheels, for precise board transport.

The internal folding swords alter their lateral position with the adjustment of the board thickness to ensure that they are always positioned perfectly on the inside of the creasing line.

Folding belt speed is synchronised with the lower vacuum belts.

Final folding section is a sandwich section where the two sides are controlled by independent servo motors for the correction of fish-tailing.

Also in the final section is the ability to re-square the boxes via a set of snub wheels that have motorised positioning.

Option of fitting an optical fold quality inspection system.

Machine can be equipped with either single or double head electronic gluing device, that can be installed either on the right or on the left side of the machine. Glue system from: Valco, Ero or HHS can be supplied and a motorised glue tab remover can also be installed.

All servo top load counter ejector with squaring plate.

Production capacity of up to 25 batches  per minute.

Integrated outfeed for safe and simple access to the bundles for quality checks and also easy connection with bundling systems.

Sides Definition Min Max
H Sheet width without flap and trim 520 2400
G Sheet length 260 900
G skip feed 1200
A = C Box short side 130 1050
B = D Box long side 130 1050
B + C Distance between the folding axes        260 1500
E Slots length 0 400
F Height of box body 80 750

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