Casemaker FD 821

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Casemaker FD 821



  • Lead edge feeder with wheels with alternate movement and possibility to adjust the drive timing according to the board lenght.
  • Dust cleaning after feeding with antistatic bar, rotating brush and suction
  • Side squares movement is driven and automatically positioned
  • Left side square with oscillating side jogger.
  • Feeding gates with automatic positioning and caliper
  • Feeding backstop with driven horizontal and vertical movement and encoder       controlled
  • The line can be opened for maintenance and cleaning , movement performed through gear on rack.
  • Operator touch screen for order insertion and general control of the entire line
  • Local touch screens on every single unit
  • Sound enclosure integrated with the machine
  • Rails on the floor ( no foundations)


Caratteristiche generali


Roll diameter 260 mm (32”)
Roll circunference 816,8 mm
Board passage height from the floor 1100 mm
Mechanical speed min 1000 –max  21000 boxes/h
Max linear speed 285,884 mt/min
Min board width 520 mm
Min board height 250 mm
Max board width 2000 mm
Max board height 740 mm./1050  skip feed
Printable area 2070×725 mm. (fig.1)
Board thickness 1 – 8 mm
Flute types A, B, C, E, A+B, B+C, B+E,

Main axis driven via Bosch Rexroth Indramat motors and drives with epicyclic gearboxes with reduced backlash.

Installed power: 200 kw (with 5 print units)


Piega incolla


Fixed folding unit with central board alignment , folding to the bottom with board transport through sandwich belts at the input with driven board thickness adjustment and through suction in the folding section.

Lateral position correction for the internal folding swords in relation to the board thickness

Lower folding belts with synchronous speed with the upper suction belts

Squaring unit of the folded boxes made through sandwich belts with driven thickness adjustment and with independent drive for the two belts through servo motors.

Lateral squaring driven wheels position adjustable.

Possibility to insert a quality control camera

Electronic gluer can be fitted both on left or right side  Valco, Ero or HHS, possibility to have a trim evacuation brush.

Glue presence control is optional


Counter ejector


Top stacking device with front squaring and batch separation through servo driven forks Max speed is 20 batches / minute

Batch ejection belt with safe access for the quality control and easy connection to bundling units


Gruppo stampa


Unit on wheels for maintenence and cleaning , driven by the feeding unit

Direct drive movement for all the groups axis

  • Printing plates roll
  • Anilox roll
  • Rubber roll if present
  • Pressure roll
  • Vacuum transfer
  • Unit lifting for order change

Printing plate change with machine in operation through lifting of the unit and operator accessibility without opening the modules.

Lifting of the unit through ballscrew driven and encoder controlled.

Board Transport through timing belts with central suction.

Inking system to be chosen among the following:

Rubber roll + anilox roll

Ceramic anilox roll + open chamber positive blade

Ceramic anilox roll +chamber doctor blade

Total printing plate thickness 5.75 inclusive tape and mylar , other thicknesses on request

Printing plate tensioning trough dual Matthews

Lateral printing plat roll adjustment +/- 10mm

Printing register ≤ 0,4mm

Inking inlet through peristaltic pump and ink recall through pneumatic pump

Washing circuit for all the installation components

Unit ready for the insertion (also post installation) of drying units IR /UV /Hot air




Unit positioned between the last print unit and the slotter for better trim ejection

Unit on wheels for maintenence accessibility

Die tool change with machine in production through unit lifting and operator access without opening the machine

Direct drive operation for all the units axis:

  • Die roll
  • Anvil roll

Knives height : 25,4mm

Lateral adjustment of the die roll  +/- 10mm

Std holes M8

Serrapid on request

Anvil roll with polyurethane bands lateral movement +/- 20mm.

Board transport through timing belts with central suction


Gruppo slotter


Unit on wheels for maintenece and cleaning.

5 couple of axis (upper and lower) with central fixed

Axis positioning:

  • Precreaser
  • Back knifes
  • Creasers
  • Front knifes

Automatic axis positioning

Automatic caliper adjustment

Polyurethane counter creasing rings

Trim breaking unit with 4 knives

Glu lap cutting with 8°Knife angle

Trim evacuation belt included

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