Open House Loria: It was a success

EDF Europe - Open House Loria - un successo

The Open House event that took place between the 4th and 5th of April 2024 at EDF’s Treviso, Loria, plant was a success. There was participation from all fields of expertise during these two days and the preparation beforehand.
The two days were tense but we were able to host many clients/partners, with the opportunity to offer the experience to explore first hand this product which we have on offer and how it functions which is considered highly versatile and technologically advanced: the Casemaker FD 618.

Given it’s innovative design including Top Printing and a rapid all the change it captivated interest. The line consisting of Pre-feeder, Feeder, Printing Groups, Transfer, Creaser, Slotter, Die-Cutter, Lifting Stripper and Counter Ejector.

It’s main characteristics are:

  • No crash feeder
  • Air Loop system
  • Only one motor technology as standard
  • Electronic Glue tab Knife
  • Plug & Play modularity

We hope that this will be the start to a long series of visit between partners, clients and ourselves. In this manner, it offers the occasion for more dialogue, creating a more concrete relationship. This will enable us to understand their needs and more importantly we can better understand where we can improve.

Watch the video of the Open House highlights.

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